Word of the Week 3

This week’s prompt word is going to be along the lines of “Yeish Mi Yeish” :slight_smile: We’re going to take a subject or scene and make it out of a specific material!
So your prompt should be set up like this: “[Subject or scene] made out of [material]”

Here’s my rocking chair made out of spaghetti

wow! this is so cute!

bed made out of flowers

kitchen made out of tissues

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house made of chocolate

city made of marshmallows

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house made of sand

Neat!! I hope no one pours water in this kitchen!!


I hope that’s fresh meat, or that piano room will starting having a strong smell :slight_smile:

neat! what happens when the microwave turns on?

ummm this one looks a bit creepy :frowning:

I’d like to visit here!

These are awesome!!!

This Marshmallow idea was great! I took it to midjourney and created a couch