Word of the Week 11

This weeks prompt style is: Van Gogh

But pushing the creativity a little more… try to keep your image theme on either Sukkos or Simchas Torah! Looking forward to seeing what you create!

I’m not sure if the slanted roof is kosher… But I didnt have time to redo it!!

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This one almost looks like a scenery for a play :slight_smile:

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Supposed to be kabalas hatorah but not sure it really looks right

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great job @alizalie01 :slight_smile: I’d bring it into photoshop and clone some more people in the bottom mountain empty area :slight_smile:

Firefly doesn’t seem to accept the term “Van Gogh style” and says it breachs the terms.

Took this to photoshop to fix the father’s hat and jacket and tie to look more realistic and to fix the neckline on one of the girls. It’s not perfect but it didnt take so much work so I was pretty impressed!


A man holding an esrog. I wasn’t sure how to prompt it in regard to the lulav.


Fixed up a bit in photoshop


So then just do a yom tov theme :slight_smile:

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Wow! Well done!!!

great job!! (a little amish looking!) (and that ring should come off in photoshop!) Love hows he’s looking at his esrog

Wow!! such a warm theme!

Try ‘impressionist style painting’

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How did you get a sefer torah? I have such a hard time with getting one

Selling Noi Sukkah on the streets in the 1900s

Men Dancing in Shul on Simchas Torah wearing Tallesim


@csternglantz Stunning! I was wishing that I could have a poster with your design in my succah. How much does it cost? :smile:

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It took a lot of work but if someone would really want it I would have to make a few more changes and then ask everyone here, how much they would charge?!?

I wrote golden torah scroll. I don’t think that it registered torah, but it got a golden scroll.
I touched it up in photoshop