Which filter is cheap?

I’m looking into filters and I’m so unfamiliar with this territory. There’s Meshimer, Geder, TAG… but which one has the “lowest”, if one can call it that, filtering capabilities so a newbie to filtering won’t feel she’s at the highest level when she’s not ready for that yet? Any ideas?

I’ve been very happy with Techloq. You can set it to tailor your needs and it’s the cheapest I found.
whenever I had problems they were always happy to help me with it. You can set it up yourself on the website and tailor it to your needs before it’s installed.


I have also been very happy with techloq
great for customising

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Thank you, @D.B_Markovic and @ChayaSchvarcz! Your input is much appreciated!

Ditto and their very fast to respond when you need help.

I’ll look it up now. Thank you, again!

Techloq is great! I used it for a while and was happy with it. I’m using Gentech now and I love that they have 24/6 customer service because I often work at night and need them to unblock things right then

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Does Techloq work nights too?

Rimon in Israel, allows you to change each hour to a diff. filtering level…and they are the internet provider so you dont need to pay an additional fee for a filter.

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I’ve had great experience with Techloq. It’s customizable, and you can request access to blocked sites at anytime (based on your settings.) They’re also usually quite quick to reply when i contact them for additional help.

same as everyone else! Techloq was recommended to me by TAG and I have since referred others.
I think they have a very high standard but so easy to deal with at the same time.

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Techloq is amazing! It is customizable and you can always get access to something that is blocked within a minute or two.

No, they have office hours but only til 5 PM (US time zone) I think. That was the main reason that I switched to Gentech

I never had a problem unblocking something at night.

I have always been able to unlock something at all hours… in israel and in america
I think they have employees everywhere

Netspark is a good filter. You can customize it to your liking and how much you’d like to filter.

I use Rimon but have heard really great things about techloq as well. I guess it depends where you are located

I have Gentech and I’m happy with it!
Techloq would’ve been my other option, though they don’t do filters on a mac.

That’s awesome! I don’t live in Israel, though. I’m glad to hear it works for you!

Which settings would make sure I can unblock at any time?