Updating portfolio

Hi everyone!!
I’m wondering what is everyone’s opinion on portfolios?
My portfolio is years old, I’ve been working as a graphic designer for the past two years and never had a chance to update it. I would want to start from scratch, but is there a point? Even though I’m not an social media kind of person, should I open an Instagram account, this way I can just send the link to my potential clients? I feel like its easier to design and easier to look at than a portfolio.

Whats your take?

When I started out in the beginning, I sent all potential clients my portfolio but then I switched computers and I was missing fonts…etc. so I decided to stop with it and create a free wix website where I can easily update. I think it was a good move since it’s easier to send (my portfolio had a lot of pages :slight_smile: which made it a heavier file so it was always sent with my google drive) and it looks more “professional” than a pdf.
I am not into social media so I wouldn’t create an instagram account for myself but if you’re open to it - I think it would make it easier for yourself and potential clients.

Most rabbonim don’t allow Instagram so I think you should first ask a rav.

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I hear. so lets say i go ahead with a free wix website, what exactly is that?

Breindy-s can you send the link to yours? Im curious what your talking about. thankx

Here it is: Octa Design Studios
It took me about a week to put together (I had to think of what to write and make the mockups…) Putting it in wix is so easy and straightforward. The only con about having a free website is that there is no domain name so no one can really find you online - you can only send the link out (right now, this is good for me, but maybe one day I will get a more professional website and domain name…etc.)
You can buy a domain name on wix but I feel like if I am buying a domain name, I should do it the right way…

Wow its so impressive. I really should do that. your work looks so much more legit and real than it would if it was in a portfolio.
so how do i go about setting up a website like that?

theres also a website called portfoliobox.com where you can buy a domain through google workspace and create a website portfolio like that-this is what i did https://www.curlicuedesigngroup.com/ and it works well…

@Breindy-S your site is Quite Professional! Love it!!

Ahuva I love your website because it looks very simple to create. I wont have to come up with copy.
But i will have to work on my logo. its so old. I think the hardest part of graphics is coming up with something for myself that i like.

I made it on wix.com - if you want to do it that way and you have any questions - feel free to ask me
I also found this: portfolio.adobe.com - it also looks simple and I think it’s free for creative cloud users

I created mine on Adobe Portfolio. It was super easy to create! I went for it over wix because it was simpler to create since it’s meant for portfolios. It is less customizable if you want to make it all fancy like a full fledge website, but if all you want to do is showcase your work than it does the job perfectly!

You can check mine out here.

You should definately try to put up a website. You can’t compare a website to a pdf or other portfolio link.
Be in touch if you need any help!

really impressive! I like your vitakare logo. ( I work in that field all day in my office lol)

ok thanx everyone, IYH when life calms down a drop I think im going to get working on a website.
I see I really dont need instagram.

Could more people share their portfolio links? Such good inspiration!

Thanks! Oh interesting, what company do you work for?

RXDco, a company that sells packaging.

Aha nice!

Your portfolio is really amazing!
and you actually got to Benny…

I love Adobe Portfolio!
Note to all: If youll be creating your portfolio on there, make sure your using a personal account and not your companys. I have a friend that lost hers that way…