Prompt help

The basic structure of a prompt should look something like this:
style (Rembrandt style) Subject (boy) Descriptive Details (around 9 years old, blue eyes, fair skin, light brown hair, lower east side, wearing a peddler hat etc) (what year was the picture taken in) (lighting, specific colors, time of day etc) (environment etc)Parameters (the --ar, which stands for aspect ratio, which will be your size of the image, we write it with two dashes first --ar 16:9, --ar 3:2 etc) (and then you can put in your version --v4 or --v5 etc)

So the real basic structure would be: style, subject, descriptive details, parameters

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I’ll be adding here some keywords / styles that you can try with your prompts and see what you come up with.

The first word we’ll start with is Anthropologic- it comes from the word Anthropology, which means the study of humans. By adding it to your prompt your subject will look more human like.

Here’s my prompt: Anthropologic Gorilla, wearing a suit, peddlers cap, glasses, leaning over, reading a newspaper, office building in the background

Let’s see what you come up with!

but where did his glasses go???

whoops, didn’t even notice it didnt show up as I wrote it and uploaded it pretty quickly! I would add in the word “wearing” before the glasses

I see here the other images did have glasses, guess the one I chose to post here wasn’t the best option :slight_smile:

Thank you, @adinacahn for your help! Just for a comparison, I inputted the same prompt into Adobe Firefly and got these results:

here i tried it on dall-e…

Well done! Some how the leaning over didnt follow through on all :slight_smile: Would love to see everyone come up with their own prompt using Anthropologic

How do you prompt AI to get a view that you can see the faces? I keep rewriting the prompts but no matter what I keep seeing their backs only

can you send me an example of your prompt and your image it generated?
You can try front view

circa 300 BCE, photorealistic, wide view, distant background ancient palace, sunny, two women on path in dry field, long sleeved robes, hair covered by a scarf, you see their face, young women is holding hand of old women, pleading, old women is sad, both are beutiful, another women in the distance, ar - 16:9

Then I did

circa 300 BCE, photorealistic, oil painting, camera facing subject, full body view, far background ancient palace, sunny, two women on path in dry field and third women in distance, beautiful faces, deep eyes, long sleeved robes, hair covered, you see their face, young women is pleading and begging to elderly wrinkely women–ar 16:9

and it was better, but still not getting the third woman

Mine is quite different, same prompt!
its really quite amazing!!!

Phototshop has this new filter called “neural filter” and its really cool… is that AI powered?

yes it is :wink:

yes, its been around for 2 years now, and they keep adding more filters to it
They’re alot of fun to play around with and yes they are AI generated

I’d love to see everyone try different anthropologic animals and scene ideas!


was this with @alizalie01’s prompt? Now which one is Ruth and who is Orpha?

What did you do to get it?