Pricing Newsletter Template

How much would you charge for creating a simple newsletter template:
2 pages of text - body text paragraphs and subtitles, and a header for the whole thing.

Also, which program would you do it in so that the client can work with it afterwards? Word?

Thanks so much!!

$250 approx but i dont see how a client can continue to work on it unless you build it in word yourself, (which is painful to work with once you have experience with indesign etc)

U can do it on illustrator then export as jpg if u put it as background in word they can then put in text boxes themselves. I did that for few people already

Same will work from Indesign.

Thanks for your help!

Just wondering, if you give your client a jpeg, then they won’t have any of the text formatted?

That’s why I thought I’d need to do it in Word, but would love to hear other suggestions.


Maybe you can make the design in indesign and then save as a jpeg and bring it into word yourself and format the text in word so they can change the text in the future.

I created the jpg in indesign and then placed it for them in word. (behind the text, maybe i did it in the header - don’t remember anymore. it was a long time ago)