It's Adar!

An easy way to start “getting your name out” is to have people see your illustrations. Purim is a great time to start!
Would love to see your illustrated Purim labels here!

If anyone would like to create generic/non family name written on it ones that anyone can use I’d post it on the full site for others to print and use— again great name to start getting your name out!
Feel free to use a template so the sizing comes out right: Avery

Can’t wait to see what you come up with !

I turned my family into cartoon characters and made it into a Purim label!

Here is my label from last year. Now it’s your turn to try!

Well… Since you all know my drawing doesn’t fully match up to my designing :slight_smile: I go the design route. Each year we stick to our last name for Purim costumes (which is really easy!) Last year we were CAHNfidential and these were our CIA labels that I used

Lea these are amazing!! probably makes your kids feel like a million dollars seeing themself all dressed up in print!!

Yes, they can’t wait to see this year’s tags. And I get so many nice comments on my Mishloach Manos because of the illustrated tags. It shows people that I love what I do. Illustration is more than a job for me!

Wow Wow!! These are super-cute :heart: Wish I could create those for my siblings…

You can!!! or at least you can try!

This is great! No need to pressure yourselves for a whole fancy illustration.

That is a cute idea to use your name in your themes! You are so creative (obviously) that you can keep coming up with ideas- hope it stretches you for many more years:)

LOVE!!! so adorable! I like that there’s no theme but it looks so Purim-ish! your kids look so cute

Leah you got me inspired!

2 questions:

  1. Should I color the rest in, or is it sharp like this?
  2. ATT DESIGNERS: what do I do with that A freilechen purim- any ideas?

It looks amazing! I like how you just colored in the apron part. I would try putting a freilichen purim in a line under the rolling pin. Maybe try putting the rolling pin under the children where it cuts them off. It really depends how you like it and it was a great idea to tuck it in between the girl and boy. It looks really really cute!

Wow!! That is amazing! And so quickly done!
What a great looking bunch of bakers :slight_smile: I like Shayna Rochel’s idea of putting the rolling pin below the kids, you may need to raise the toddler’s pocket and gloves then,
Maybe you can write the Frelichin Purim in an arc above the kidsif you move the rolling pin down, even though I like it in the area between the two bigger kids

Thanks! will it look empty between the kids without the words?

This is gorgeous! I actually like that it’s not all coloured in… So so cute!

WOW that was fast and so well done! Not to confuse you with too many suggestions but I almost think it might look better to write “A Freilichen Purim!” on the rolling pin and then under write “The Fink Bakery”. Or “The Fink Bakers”
I like the look of just the aprons colored it’s artsy. Great job!

Thanks for feedback!
does this look at all better? Or too messy now? Wasnt loving the rolling pin on bottom… unless i just need to take this out?

I would take off the hanging sign–I like it better without it- and the letters are above the string which doesn’t look right
The from is too close leading wise- spacing between the lines-- with the words The Fink. make it a little more spread apart.

okay thanks!