Helpful tip for Adobe CC

Just thought I’d mention… I checked my Adobe account and saw that I had an offer for 25% off for the next 12 months. I think my filter got in the way and I couldn’t choose to get the discount so I chatted with Adobe and they offered me an even better price. It’s worth trying now that they’ve raised the price so much

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Thanks @chanamiriam!

Thanks for the reminder. I just got onto chat with them and got the “student” price back.

Can I also get a studenr price?

i didnt ask for a student price. i just wrote that i want to update my subscription what can they offer me and she wrote back that she will offer me a lower price (which i recognized as being the student price)

will also try my luck

I just did it as well and saved $13 a month. Thanks for the tip!

Yay! Happy to help :slight_smile:

wow thanks so much for that suggestion! Didn’t realise I was paying so much!! Just got a really good discount!

I tried and the rep I chatted with said she didn’t really have any discounts to offer :frowning:
How exactly did you get the discount?

Just try again with a diff rep. That’s what i did and got a huge discount

Did you chat with a real rep or with a bot?

Oh yay I just got discounted to a student price!
Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

How did you do it? I tried chatting with a bot and it was going in circles…
Also do you need to cancel your current subscription and resubscribe or the discount gets automatically applied to your account?

I’m so happy everyone is getting a discount!! Hopefully Adobe doesn’t catch on :wink:

@Breindy-S usually if you tell the bot ‘representative’ or ‘chat with agent’ you’ll get a live person. Or just ask a question that the bot can’t answer and it will get you to an agent.
They’ll just refund you for the difference in price, and it will not affect anything at all. You can keep working while chatting with them. It’s only a payment thing

Thanks @chanamiriam !

It totally didn’t work for me to get the student pricing - they only offered me $10 off plan each month… You think I could try again in a little bit?

I had student pricing plus a discount which was supposed to run for only a year, so they agreed to extend it for another year, but i had to chat to more than one agent until i got the answer i wanted;)

I asked straight out for a discount. $10 off each month could be close to student plan. no?

I also asked straight out for a discount
They sent me an email later saying my plan was changed and I realized it was more off just the tax made it higher - like they wrote the plan is for $39.99 and then with tax it’s now $43.34 (or something like that) It’s still great!
It’s not the student pricing - the rep told me straight out but it’s better than $59 a month