Basement Layout

I have to send this to my client tomorrow and would like to get some feedback. I’m offering 2 layouts for the basement.
She wants only the suites to be closed off and the rest open, I didn’t put furniture for the open yet, just sending her plan for built ins & suite.

Any suggestions will help, Thanks!!!

Option 1|386x500

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Really nice! looks great.
I played around with the space you had And uploaded a redesign… figured would be easier to show what I wanted to say.
we’re dealing with a lot of room might as well give a bigger bathroom if how I redesigned is too big, then maybe do a 5’x 5’-6" with a corner shower. And also we want to leave room for bigger beds which is also an important element of a guest suite. Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much!!
I think it works now much better!!!

@ Hindyfollman, that was a great solution. @YittyR, would you consider a Jack & Jill bathroom for both bedrooms to share which would free up room for much larger closets? A larger walk in closet is a nice feature in a guest room, since it can fit a bassinet or pack-n-play, so that it can be used as a tiny nursery, so as not to disturb a sleeping baby.
The downside to Jack and Jill bathrooms is that if you forget to lock the bathroom door on the other side, someone can walk in from the adjoining bedroom. A solution to that is to separate the bathtub and toilet into a smaller room with a locking door, and then leave the sink in the outer area, so that if you forget to lock the door, someone walking in from the other room is only walking into the sink area.

@RochelLea I love your ideas! If she would do a Jack & Jill bathroom then where would the entrance be? Would she have to do 2 separate entrances?
Yitty we would love to get updated on what the client wants

A jack and Jill bathroom is essentially a bathroom that has 2 doors that lead to each bathroom.

However if its a guest suite- it is usually better to have a private ensuite.

Love the design that @hindyfollman suggested.

Good luck!

The suites are mainly for her daughter-in-laws when they go for Shabbos, but sometimes for others as well…
A jack 'n Jill sounds like a great idea, (especially with a mini nursery…) but you’re right-I would only do it coming in to the sink area.
I’ll ask if she’s ok with the it, but I’ll have to see if it works as I have 2 metal beams going through in the center-it’s an old house and I don’t think the best option is to move it…
I would definitely keep it 2 separate entrances even if I do a Jack 'n Jill.
I’ll ask her, and I’ll let you know-THANKS!!
And thanks @hindyfollman I sent it to her-we’ll see what she says…


Thanks!! She’s a very visual person and doesn’t understand numbers they’re gutting all finishes sheetrock and stuff. I’ll go over the plans with her on site next week.
I’ll IY"H let you know!!

Any updates? How did your client like your proposal?

I was at the site yesterday, but we only went through upstairs and main floor… She doens’t understand feet and inches on the paper, she has to see it in the house-it’s quiet annoying :wink:
She firsts wants to demolish upstairs and main before going to basement so we’re focusing on that now…
I’ll keep you updated IY"H…

The basement was put on hold, and we’re working on the main floor now.
It has great potential but a lot of limitations. I want to know where to put the kitchen-this layout functions very well, and makes use of the space but it’s not a typical shape…

Any comment help. Thanks.

nothing was attached

My mistake.

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Very nice! I agree that there is a lot of space to play around with, and tons of potential.
Just a few questions so we can understand the plans better:
*What walls can be demoed, and which are there to stay.
*Also, are the stairs existing or can they be moved?
*Thirdly, is there anything specific that is important to the client to be on this floor? For example, a family room, study etc…

Thanks for asking.
The stairs have to stay here, they want this basic layout-family room to the right with ability to open to dinette for simchos. kitchen to back and dining to right.
I could play around a little bit if it’ll work better.

They also have limitations as for minhug-they’re not allowed to walk where there was once gas. There’s an existing fire place where I covered with the bookcase in the family room in order to move the fire place center. And where I put furniture in the dining room used to be the oven.

I might have to put a header between the kitchen & dinette for structural reasons…

Does it make sense to have such an interesting shaped kitchen? The more I look at it, the more it make sense to me as functional and best option.
Any other ideas?


I attached some handwritten ideas…before I read that they want the Den to open into dinette.
Use what you can , if you like. With this, they get much more kitchen…but less spacious dinette… but also beautiful in the bay window. Hatzlacha.

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sorry in advance for my not so clear handwriting. Feel free to ask me to deciper! :grinning:

Thanks so much!!!
It looks GREAT!! I’ll send it to them and ask how connected they are to the idea of dinette open to family room…
Thanks again!!

One more thing, if you are able to, I’d add a window in front of the other sink- for symmetry and sunlight - especially because facing the foyer. Also, the meat side is smaller than dairy side…unless Island is also meat . Although usually best to have flaishig near dining room, just a point that isn’t so great.