Wordpress Theme for Elementor

For those working with Elementor.

What theme are you using for your websites? And why?

Hi when I work with Elementor I try to use the Hello Elementor theme as it is supposed to be pretty fast.
It is a barebones theme and does not give you anything, though

That is what I am using now, but was wondering what other options are out there to consider.

Speaking of Hello Elementor theme…
After spending close to a week teaching myself php and creating a child theme, I discovered this:

@MalkaB That is very impressive, to teach yourself PHP and creating a child theme. We did learn creating child theme, but teaching PHP to yourself in another level to itself. Wow!

@schlomithsassoon just wondering…did you discover any new themes you like to use?

I use the Elementor hello theme and build my designs from scratch. But would love to hear about good themes people use.

I use Creativo Creativo Theme - Best MultiPurpose WordPress Theme
It is a really easy theme to use… Comes with a bunch of templates if you would like to use or you can build each page from scratch and add template blocks if you’d like. It is very easy to customize and they have unbelievable customer service.

Many people use Astra. I was wondering if I need the paid or free version?
Anyone have experience?

@schlomithsassoon @Chani_Freedman-Thumi