WordPress Intro Question

Hi Esti,

Really enjoyed the first video and am excited to delve deeper into WordPress.

I had a question about the domain name that we are supposed to create for home work.

Does it matter what the name is for now?

I know that this will end up being our final project site, but should I call it something very generic for learning purposes now as you did in the video? Or should I be naming it a business name that I plan to have in the future?

Also, does it pay to get a different plan so that I can create 2 websites - 1 to practice and learn on, and one for my final site?


Also, when designing for a client, I understand that the domain name and hosting is their expense, but I am assuming that the actual overall account is our expense and is not part of what they pay? I am assuming but just wanted to clarify.


Hi Tova, I’m going to try to answer some of Esti’s questions because she’s on maternity leave.

It doesn’t matter what your homework domain is called. You might as well use a business name or simply your own name (eg, mynamestudio.com) since you’re paying for it, but domain names aren’t expensive and it’s not a big deal if you decide to change your domain later.

Your final project will be on a different WordPress installation/site. You’ll either do it on a subdomain (myproject.mywebsite.com) or you can buy a domain to make it seem more realistic.

You will need the plan that allows more than one site, although you could wait and upgrade later. Does the video say to sign up for the one with only 1 website? If it does, we will have to correct that.

Re your second question, I’m not sure I fully understand. Most web designers maintain their own hosting account so they can have a portfolio/resume website and maybe use it to develop client sites before transferring to the client’s hosting.

I think this will become clearer as you learn more!

ye the video says we only need for 1 website

Thank you!

And yes, it did say to sign up for the one with one site - as Sara said.

And thanks re my second question. That actually did clarify, and its helpful to know that I will understand more time goes on…

Thanks so much!

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I looked it up on Siteground, and this is my mistake – you can only put 1 domain, but you can create subdomains on the StartUp plan. The only thing you won’t be able to do is add another domain for your client site, it would have to be a subdomain.