Word of the week

Well done to all who tried out creating anthropologic pictures last week! We loved the submissions-- though some were a bit creepy :slight_smile:

This weeks word is the photographic term Knolling
Knolling is the process of arranging objects so they are parallel or at 90-degree angles. It helps keep everything organized and when photographed creates clean, noticeable images.

Let’s see what you come up with!

This is created in Free AI Art Generator, AI Art Maker | Stable Diffusion Online

From Free AI Art Generator, AI Art Maker | Stable Diffusion Online as well

great job!!
Keep them coming!

Not sure that firefly knows what knolling means :wink: I was getting the weirdest results…

And this was done with dreamlike

i tried knolling baking supplies
dreamlike.art wasn’t terrible but I ran out of free credits so can’t play around it with it more (they’re not good enough to pay for a subscription to get more credits)

can people write what sites they did things on so we can see how it comes out on dif sites?

it did take apart the camera! :slight_smile:

yeh, I also did it with free credits :slight_smile: the baking one is kind of cool- but you cant see what everything is

I think it invented some things that don’t exist :slight_smile:

I’m sure they are really tasty ingredients!

Dall-E actually gave surprisingly good results for ‘knolling camera’
(after many tries of other knolling things that came out really weird)

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thats pretty good!

here i tried knolling baking supplies with dreamlike.art still some of the stuff is not really possible to identify…

And here’s from midjourney… which once again I think takes the cake for details :slight_smile:

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Wow this is great!!


done on midjourney

I’ll need to play around on the other sites in the morning- we can’t only have Midjourney look good!