Word of the Week 9

This weeks prompt word is: Market place!

How does your market place look? which era is it set in? and what do you sell?

Looking forward to seeing your market places and getting into the yom tov shopping mode!

Well done @chaya-hornig! So colorful almost Moroccan looking :slight_smile: and everyone is so Tzanua :slight_smile:

Well done @csternglantz - This is great!! looks like where the posh ladies shop!!

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WOW! these are all coming in so fast and each one is so unique and so neat!!! Well done!!
@al1 I like all three but that vendor there is amazing!!! and the realistic indoor market as well! and the hawaiian market!! you nailed this assignment!!
@schlomithsassoon WOW as well!! both are excellent but that fruit market with its vibrant colors and fruit hanging from the awnings- WOW!!! makes the fruit look better than candy!
@mirigwolpin what a unique artist take. Take the firefly logo off the corner and I can see this being sold as modern art!! Well done with the palette knife style. Very original!

Farmers’ Market

Theses are great!!!I must have missed them somehow… well done and I love the variety of styles