Word of the Week 7

This week we’ll prompt a character! The prompt we will be using is: ** 3D cartoon style character design** Be creative. Think of the story, the world of your character. Is it a little boy who only likes plaid shirts? Or a little girl who dreams of being a princess? Have fun prompting up your character and we’re looking forward to seeing it!

Prompt: 3D cartoon style character design of X (you can add as much description as you would like)

You can add in: Isolated on white if you want to be able to have it on a white background so you can easily select it out

3d cartoon style character design of young boy getting ready for his first camping trip, isolated on white

this is great @RivkyH! He looks a bit concerned or shocked! well done!!

Love this builder guy!! He looks so proud to be here :slight_smile:

did u work on this pic in photoshop?
it looks gr8!

Just the kippa otherwise all midjourney

The top boy is so cute :slight_smile: and love the pizza guy! I want to hear his “story”

From Dall-E. A rav giving a drasha :slight_smile:

Yankel the Yarmulke Man :slight_smile: from Shmuel Kunda’s ‘The Magic Yarmulke’ - made on Dall-E

frenzied graphic designers- who can relate?! :rofl: Have to do a lady version next…

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Which type of student are you?!!

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WOW!! WOW!! Never thought anyone could depict better what we look like:)

WOW!! You did a terrific job!! Love them all!!!

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These are all so cute! im just smiling my way through them all :slight_smile: