Word of the Week 6

This week we’re going to try out some Japanese Ink Painting with the prompt of Sumi-e
The Japanese term “sumi” means “black ink”, “e” means “painting”. It indicates one of the art forms in which subjects are painted with black ink in all possible gradations ranging pure black to the lightest shades achievable by dissolving ink in water
For some reason when I tried it in Niji mode it did come out in color!

Prompt: A Sumi-e painting of X

So cool!!!

Love it!

Now who’s going to try it?? :slight_smile:

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These are great!! The tent one is really nice, but something about the train is calling to me more.
Well done!!

Definitely a different kind of pizza store!!! The clothing store is actually nice as it gives a clothing store feel but its not too descriptive or detailed
Well done!

All of them are stunning!

These are all so great! It’s funny how no matter which prompt location/word you put in its still having a slightly Japanese tinge to it! Well done!!

That’s so fun @mirigwolpin though there are too many of them holding the rope there!! well as long as they’re having fun :slight_smile: