Word of the Week 4

This week’s prompt is going to be Isometric Art.
Isometric Art is a drawing of a three dimensional shape on a two dimensional surface, it’s created through vertical lines with at least two “meeting” points. Generally the lines will be set up on 30-degree angles.

For the prompt: Isometric X, or Isometric art of X

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what prompt did you put in?

updated above, you need to put in Isometric. so one is isometric art of cabin in the woods
second is isometric city of Jerusalem

tried a hundred times to get something where everything looks perfect but it kept on miessing up at least a few things!

a little girls birthday party…


kids playing on playground. It gave me a hard time when I tried cuz I kept getting elements outside of the scene. Maybe you have to specify no elements outside of the border or something? I tried a zoo and all the animals were just roaming all over the place :slight_smile:


This is really cute! :heart:


this is great Schlomith!!

Great job Miri! Firefly is picking this up quite nicely

nice work!

well done!! I guess kids out of the park are better than animals out of the zoo!!
I dont think the No command will work to keep them in though :frowning:
that’s when Photoshop comes in :slight_smile:


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These are all so unique! I love how they follow isometric without actually being “boxed” looking!