Word of the Week 2

This weeks prompt word is double exposure
Double exposure is a technique in which you combine two (or more) images into one to create artistic looks , like a ghost effect, mirror images, combining one object into another, and much more.
This was something we were able to do in Photoshop and now we can use AI programs to create it as well. Let’s see what you can create!

iv tried for a while not to get a good double exposure for something relating to music so i can use it for the branding iv just done and this is the most double exposure i got… but still not amazing

ended up working out coz using it (and others) for this mockup for my portfolio :slightly_smiling_face:


that looks great!!!

prompt should be “subject”, “subject” , double exposure

is adobe firefly for free?

yes but you need to wait about a week to be “accepted”

wow! these are actually pretty impressive! really nicely done!

would love to see your portfolio…

Looks really cool!

website and insta only… kixartdesignstudio.com and Kixart_designstudio

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wow you are so quick that you already added this job to your portfolio! Nice job on this logo and on your other work!

Wow! so cool!

I love it!

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I like how its kind of isolated on the background

Very neat Zehava!! great bedtime story ad imagery :slight_smile:

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