Word of the Week 15

This weeks prompt word is Surreal

Surreal, or surrealism is marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream. In other words to release the mind’s imagination and unconscious thoughts. Which basically means you can dream up anything!

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Al Kanfei Nesharim! Iy"h it should be REALITY very very soon!


AMEIN!!! wow! that’s great imagery
May we all see this in real really soon!



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This ladder scene is perfect for next week Vayeitzei!

was thinking the same thing!!

WOW!! my kids would LOVE this cake!!!

@chavi these are all amazing!! wow! I really like the girl sleeping on a cloud one!!

@chaya-hornig these are both great!!! looks like a great ad for a mattress store of “the sleep of your dreams” and that girl is great how she’s holding the boat

:slight_smile: This is great!!!

NIghtCafe ‘surrealistic boy sitting on open book flying through starry sky’



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Don’t we all wish we could have one of these @sorac1030 :wink: