Word of the Week 14

This weeks prompt will be minimal line logo

Minimalistic logos typically use simple shapes and monochromatic color palettes , so they translate well across multiple mediums and sizes. From a business card to a billboard, a brand or company logo should read clearly and effectively. The less detailed your design, the more quickly your audience will recognize it.

You can create any logo you want by writing the subject, minimal line logo

Brownie points if you add text around it as well (or you can use ideogram.ai if you dont know the graphic programs) check out our video on it here Word of the Week 10 / Rosh Hashana Challenge! - #2 by adinacahn

the last was supposed to be a shabbos takeout shop!! I guess Midjourney doesnt know what shabbos food is :slight_smile:

I guess Jewish women don’t know what is minimalistic food … :smiley:

You are SO right!!! :slight_smile:


I’m not seeing the video on the link you sent

After the posts with the bears that Adina put as an example, the next post after that has a link to the video - and it worked when I just tried it out. Hatzlacha!

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great job on all your entries!!!

Cute Kids Miri!!

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nice job!! I like the subtle texture on the coffee and the pockets of posies!!


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I’ll take one of these cups @alizalie01 !!

This one is great!! I would photoshop the top of the pencil to be an eraser and I could really see it becoming something!