Woocommerce- time specific deals?

I have a client that wants to make weekly deals. Meaning she will bring in products but needs all orders in by wednesday 12pm (for example) so I need a way of having the products be archived or similar at that time… This will happen on a weekly basis… certain products need to time out and the new products for the next week will go live.

Has a/o done this before and know of a plugin?
I was looking a bit at the booster for woocommerce plugin… not sure if it has all the features I need

Please lmk if a/o has experience with this…
Thank you!

How about this? https://woocommerce.com/products/availability-scheduler-for-woocommerce/

That looks perfect. thank you!
Just curious have you used this before?

Nope. But it’s an official plugin, and those are usually reliable!