Woocommerce- remove shipping options

My client is running a business in which local pickup is going to be the only option for now. I enabled local pick. However, I tried removing the regular shipping options multiple ways already but it keeps showing up on the checkout page… (Once you click it …it shows that there actually are no shipping options. .but does a/o know how to completely remove it so the checkout process is as clear as possible…

I already went into shipping settings and forced to billing address… I also removed the shipping zone…

Google seems to have the answer…

I tried 3 suggestions from google but none of them solved the issue for checkout page.
(I removed shipping option from cart page)

Ok I realized I missed the setting of disabling all shipping in the general settings. However, when I disable that the ‘local pickup’ option disappears as well. Any ideas?

I don’t understand what is/is not showing. Can you attach screenshots?

By step #2- shipping options- I want local pickup to be the only option… or it can completely skip that step and just go to step #3 - local pickup.

Please lmk if this is clear.

@peninah_adler now that I posted screenshot do you have any advice?

I am still struggling with this… Does a/o have advice how to remove shipping completely from homepage?
I followed the instructions in this link and local pickup looks fine… but still won’t remove shipping from checkout…

Did you try these steps: How to Remove Shipping From WooCommerce Checkout

@peninah_adler Yes I tried that but if you disable shipping & shipping calculations then it also disables ‘local pickup’.

I’m not sure if what I need exists… I just need local pickup without the shipping option…
(My client would possibly even pay for paid plugin if necessary to make this work properly.)

Did you try working with shipping classes? Putting all the products in a “pickup only” class?

I tried… still the same issue with checkout page.
I think I need a way of removing ‘step 2’ on checkout page

You could make all the products digital. That removes shipping altogether. You’d have to put a notice about local pickup in yourself somewhere.