Woocommerce question

Hi! I am creating a website for a gaol gallery selling Prints with Woocommerce.

I created categories such as Litvish, Chasidish, sephard etc.

I created a variable product with a size and material attributes for printing options.

I was wondering what I should do regarding the fact that there is more than one picture of each Gadol.

On the shop page I would like two display options:

  1. Show one Image of each Gadol and once clicked in the product you can switch to see other options for that Gadol

  2. Be able to expand and see all products

Is this possible or does anyone have a better idea?


I would lean towards making each image a separate product, and then, make it easy to access others of that gadol while looking at one. That could be done in different ways, depending how many there were:

  • Filtering
  • Tag each product with the gadol’s name (links to a page withonly those products
  • use a section called “You might also like…” and link other products of that gadol. You could use Upsells for that.

Thank you.