Whiteboard animation with text

How do I make my text look like its being drawn on?
The regular way for whiteboard animation isn’t working for text…

Use a font that look more handwritten and then use the write- on effect
or use the typewriter effect

hi im not sure if this is really the way around it, but I once had it happen with my text also. because i think the regular way only works with layers you import, not something you create in ae itself like text layers.
so i just recreated my text in illustrator and brought it into ae as an illustrator file. then i was able to use the regular steps to create the drawn on effect. let me know if this is clear

Or precomp the text layer and then work above the comp

Actually have been wondering for a while if there is a plugin effect that you can insert to get the write-on look? The music video Dear Am Yisroel has all the text on the video “writing on” and I’m wondering if they just used a plug-in…? I would love to know about one if anyone knows anything…

You could use a script like this- Scribe 2 - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com
but I think it comes with specific fonts

But you can always reach out to the creators of that specific video and ask them! Tell them you are a motion graphics graduate and you saw their video X and were wondering how they wrote on the text, did they manually do it or use a script
You’d be surprised how helpful people can be :slight_smile:

Thank you!!
So cool!
Don’t think I’m purchasing it now but it’s great to know about for future projects!