Which tablet should i get?

hi someone asked me to draw a book/ project for her,
what tablet is good to buy?
i cant ask this in the digital illustrations category so figured i’ll put it here…


I had the Wacom One which i wasn’t very happy with but it’s good for beginning and when you don’t want to invest too much… I then got the Wacom Cintiq 22 which i’m loving, the cintiq 16 is also as good from what i’ve heard, just smaller.
The cintiqs are quite bulky so i’d only recommend if you plan to keep it in one place most of the time…

I use a cintique 16 which I am really loving!
Apparantly the Intuos Pro, which is cheaper, is also good but has a bigger leaning curve…

thanks for replying!
what about it werent you so happy with it?

I have the wacom one and I’m very happy with it :slight_smile:

I prefered to work on a bigger surface with more space, the wires were quite difficult to work with, and the pressure sensitivity is so much better on the cintiq. But if you’re just starting out it would still be a good choice i think for that price.

I have the Cintiq 16 and I’m really happy with it. I also use an expresskey remote and it really speeds up the process.

I hear what your saying @RivkyH. I guess it would depend on if you are becoming an illustrator or using it for illustrations. If you are using it for illustrations but illustration is not your focus the wacom one (with display) should definitely do the trick

I’d like to chime in that rather than a cintiq an ipad pro or microsoft surface can also be great! I have a surface studio and surface pro and love it for drawing even though i dont do illustrations but my friend who does illustrations started on a drawing tablet (it was either XP Pen or Huion) but then got an ipad as the apple pencil is unbeatable! If i would do more myself i would also get an ipad but i dont so… i think she uses clip studio on the ipad

But if you’re using illustrator and Photoshop, the apps aren’t as good so you wouldn’t want to use an ipad.

Fresco would be a better option if you are working on the apps. Illustrator and Photoshop are still missing many features on the app

thanx for that idea, but i dont want an ipad just an extension of the mousepad
also, refurbished wacom products are good if they’re sold on their site, right?