Which logo do you like best?


This is a logo I’m making for myself. I do both regular and motion graphics…
I’d love to know your opinion on which one you like best, and also any critique.

I like the first, The “N” needs fixing it looks like 3 lines put together.

I like the second but I think the word “unreel” needs to be smaller - it doesn’t look proportionate - like if you were to reduce this logo, the word design would be tiny
I also like the pink color better for the word “design” (and I think the whole word should be one color)
Nice job!

#3 is my favorite. I agree with Breindy on the sizing and coloring.

thanks for all your advice everyone!! :slight_smile:
here’s the new version

for regular logo I would keep this:

and for motion/web i would put it as white words on black bkgrnd cuz i think it looks sharper like that…

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Wow! I love this! And on black it looks really sharp!

Its great! looking forward to seeing it animated :slight_smile: hte D (play arrow) should maybe be raised a drop- or the middle of the E should drop down a bit

yea I was noticing that
I’ll fix it
K thanks!

Love this!!

thanks :slight_smile: