WhatsApp for a Laptop

Does anyone know how to get WhatsApp on a laptop when you dont have it on your phone?

either have a phone to start it or there’s something called an emulator – Ive never done it but you can check with your computer technician

U can link it to ur phone as long as u have text even regular text on your phone. You should be fine. Like what’s up. Will send you a code to your phone text just for the setup

There’s something called bluestacks. Download that on the laptop, and you can then download whatsapp within this program. It works pretty well.

re having a smartphone just to start it, that worked for me for a good while, then the smartphone screen died and coz of whatsapp web i was able to keep getting messages on the computer for a good while but after a few months i had to rescan the QR code which meant i had to go and buy a smartphone which was rather sad for me as it’s such a distraction even tho it only has whatsapp and no browser…
Another issue with whatsapp web is it hides older messages and i need to open them on the phone to make them open on the computer.

@Rivki_Rubin - i didnt know there was an SMS option i just tried to choose ‘Link with phone number’ instead of qr code but it then asks me to open whatsapp on the phone and put in that code…

on this topic, if you need whatsapp for work, i’d really say think many times - it’s really annoying when clients give changes in whatsapp vs thinking through and composing a nice orderly email…
i think it’s good for the initial ability for ppl to reach out to you but not for the back and forth once they are your client.

Bluestacks looks like a cool option if it works with whatsapp… here’s a good article that talks about it and other options:
How to Use WhatsApp On PC Without Mobile Phone - Techbout


Thank you so so much!!

I only saw this now, but I really wouldnt recommend bluestacks…
I use it and have tons of issues…
and filtering it was very hard