What time works best for you to join Webinars?

We have some awesome exciting webinars coming up, please help us schedule them at a time that works best for you and answer the below:point_down:

  • USA Sunday AM
  • USA Sunday PM
  • USA Evening
  • USA Mon - Thurs AM
  • USA Mon - Thurs PM
  • Isrl Sunday PM
  • Isrl Evening
  • Isrl Mon - Thurs AM
  • Isrl Mon - Thurs PM
  • I don’t have time to join webinars

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For comments and suggestions please reply or email jdf@designalive.com

I’ve attended some of the webinairs and gained from them. However, I work during business hours and can only do webinairs on Sundays or US evenings.

I don’t have online access at my home right now, I would love if the webinars are downloadable so I can watch it at my own time. I was able to download the webinar with Honey Soibelman and I really enjoyed it.

And my filter (NetFree) doesn’t let Webex so I can’t ever see the webinars. It would really probably only let me see them if they’re done through Zoom…