What do you do when

…a client gives you a pdf file of an ad that someone else designed for them in the past and asks you to update the info on it?
Client says that they can’t/ don’t want to contact the previous designer now, that it’s not someone that they work with anymore.

Thanks for your help!

Try to stick the updated info ontop of it. Doesnt always work, depends on background and font.

Is that an ethical thing to do?

Is it ok to take another designer’s work, change around parts of it and update it?

I don’t see that it would be a problem in the situation that you mentioned. When the client hired the other designer, she was effectively purchasing the rights to the work-it was a design made for her that she purchased. Therefore, if she asks you to make changes to it, there shouldn’t be an ethical issue. It is not as if you found another designers’ work and copied it or parts of it without her permission–when a designer works for a client or employer, the designs done within the scope of that work would belong to the employer, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Ok, thnks so much for clarifying!