Website price

I own a small business and would like someone to create a website for me.
What price range should I expect? I am a graphic designer so the design I’ll be able to do but I’m clueless about the rest and would need help with that.
Also, once the site is up, who mantains the website? Is it simple and would I be able to do it myself or would I need the web designer for that?

I may be able to help you… Can you explain what type of business you would like to make a website for? Is it a portfolio site for your graphics work or something else?
Price ranges vary a lot based on the features you need in the site and the experience of the designer. If you are doing all the design and just need someone to build out the site for you on wordpress you should be able to get a reasonable deal.
I’d love to hear more about the project and see if I can help.

Sport on answer shevy!

I’m not up to the stage of creating it yet but I’d just like to know how much money about I’d need to put aside for it.
It would be a e-commerce site.
Also, besides for the web designer do I need to pay for the domain too? and upkeep I would be able to do by myself?

If it’s e-commerce I’d actually encourage you to check out Shopify and you can probably figure it out yourself!! The basic e-commerce set-up is all configured out of the box and you can choose a theme that you can work with your design, yourself.
You can always hire a Shopify person for as-needed consultation.

Just wanted to clarify since you asked if you would need to pay for a domain. There are certain costs associated with a website that are in addition to whatever you pay a web design/developer. Firstly, if you would need to hire a copywriter you need to take that cost into consideration.
In addition, there is the cost of a domain name and hosting plan. (Those are monthly/annual costs depending on what type of payment plan you do.)
Theme- there are free & paid themes… depends what you choose…
Then there are plugin costs. If you need features that would require premium plugins that can be an added cost. (If you need a paid plugin for SEO or security/ backups etc… that can also be another expense depending on what level you need … There are some free plugins… really just depends on your needs.
I think it would probably be helpful to map out what you need out of a site and then perhaps one of us could help you come up with a list of what costs would be associated with it…

Okay, this is super helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this all so clearly! now I know where to start at least :slight_smile:

Sure. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions… That’s what we are here for on this forum to help and support each other:)

I’m back :wink: I decided to try create my website on wordpress (+woocommerce). It’s very slowly kinda coming together but I’m a bit scared of doing things wrong and some things are out of my league. Would any of you be able to help me out? (I would have all my products added to the site and create most pages and would need someone to help me out with the linking, style and some extra plugins). And about how much will I need to pay you?

If you can show me more specifically what you need help with I may have time to do it and would be able to provide you with a price