Website Handover

Any tips on handing over the website to the client.
I don’t want to be busy with the site at all once it’s done so I need everything to update automatically and I need the client to know how to update/edit as needed.
Is that even possible??
What about tutorials for the client, do I have to make my own, can I get them from somewhere?
Any advice appreciated!

when i gave over my site i made a screen recording giving him all info and instructions he needed. in addition i offered him a maintenance package.

I just wrote this to a different google group, so I’ll paste here. Sorry about the delayed response!

It differs between designers, but here’s some info on what I do.

I start by ensuring we have the following in place:

  1. Good backup solution
  2. Minor revisions to dashboard
  3. Security
  4. Auto updates enabled
  5. Tutorials in a private page in the dashboard
  6. Separate user roles assigned for whoever will be logging in.

I like to hand it over with a screenshare session. (Check the spreadsheet I sent with resources, it has some options). Sometimes I record this and put it with the tutorials, it depends on the client and if I think someone else might want to watch it later.

I walk them through the dashboard, showing them how to login and telling them what the dashboard menu items are for. Some of that may be “That’s where you change the theme, don’t touch that” :wink: It’s not comprehensive. It’s just to help them get acquainted.

For #3, revisions to dashboard, I have a couple of functions in a plugin file that I always use. Small things like changing “howdy” to “logged in as.” I’d be happy to post if you’d like.

After the session, I send them all the logins/passwords they need via email. Some people give Editor level roles to clients so they can’t mess things up, but I find then they are missing crucial access to parts of the site, so only do it if you test it first and you’re sure they don’t need access. (The “User Switching” plugin is amazing for this.)

Re #5, tutorials, this is more ambiguous. I make written/video tutorials that show them where things are and how to update any part of the site that they will want to update frequently (this is something we discuss beforehand). I generally do a very basic overview for anything that is “regular” WordPress, and only get more specific for something very customized. But you might want to get specific if, for example, your client isn’t going to be editing pages, but does want to update a portfolio of images. You might want to give very explicit directions for that.

There is an excellent plugin called, which has tutorials for everything WP related and is a great thing for clients, but it’s costly as a one-off kind of thing.

That’s about it, but happy to answer questions :slight_smile:

Peninah, Thank you so much for the clear overview. It would be great if you can post what plugins you use to clean up the dashboard. (#3)

Thank you

Here’s what I use right now. You could copy-paste & adjust into a code snippets plugin.

I used to try other things like one called Admin Menu Editor (I thnk) by Janis Elst. That can be helpful but in the end I just do this because it’s so much leaner, and I leave it as is. But there are some good plugins that do a much more custom job.

I also use this to modify the login page. It is based off of a tutorial, can’t remember from where. I’ve done some very “designed” login pages, but generally I stick with a light colored background, change the logo color, and change the button. That way I don’t have to worry about styling error messages, etc.

Thank you Peninah - this is great!