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When I create a form, I test it from a few email addresses. If it goes through do I have to worry about deliverability?

I don’t typically add SMPT plugins. What’s the norm?

@rivkah @peninah_adler

i guess if it’s not broke you don’t need to fix it! but often there are issues so i do have to end up using smtp.
would be interested to hear what peninah says!

It depends on which hosting you use.

Did anyone have had a case that they stopped getting emails because of this?

Why should it be a problem?

I use Cloudways a lot and they need SMTP anyway :slight_smile:

I don’t know that you MUST set up SMTP, but I think it’s a good idea.

Thank you all!

To further clarify: is there a difference between an email going to the website owner and form user?

What about the form software used? Gravity Forms / Forminator?

A difference in what way?

If I tested the form to the admin - it should continue to work. As opposed to notification emails which go to diff email addresses each time.