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I was speaking with a website designer the other day, and she mentioned how hard it can be to find good website designs when you’re looking for inspiration. I agreed :slight_smile: I love Pinterest and Dribble for general design inspiration, but don’t find them so great for actual websites.

I thought we can help each other out and list our favorite sources for inspiration. Here are some places I like:

  • -- TONS of gorgeous websites here and can be sorted, searched, etc
  • I bookmark web agencies I like, and then I check their portfolios. A couple I love are Fhoke, Floagency, Eyekiller

Please share!

Thanks Penina. This is such a valuable resource. It is tricky. I like too and check there every so often. However I occasionally find those sites to be too unique to fit the needs of my client. Am I the only one?

While checking out COMPETITORS there tends to be at least one that has done it right.

Oh no, I completely agree with you that a bunch of them are too out-there. I generally look at the nominees, not the awards, that helps somewhat.

And the web agencies are often a nice source.

I like googling website trends 20__ (put in the current year) and there’s usually a ‘top ten trends’ or ‘top 100 web designs’…
Also Canva has a nice post on colour combos which I find myself referring to a lot:

I found a new site for website design inspiration:
And the really cool thing about it is that it includes more of the website in the screenshots, so you can get a better idea of what’s coming.

Want to add to the list.
It’s a browser plugin that let’s you get the latest design inspiration every time you open a new page - pulls from site like awwwards, dribble, etc (you can select which). Their own blog is also very good.

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