Was the webinar recorded?
Can you please share the link?


Would love it too!

same here! i signed up, but in the end i couldnt make it… :frowning:

Same here!

Please please post a link! :pray: Couldn’t make it but really want to see it!

Would also love to see a recording!

Ditto :wink:

We will be posting the recording over the next few days.
Shame you missed it live, it was a great webinar!

can’t wait, it sounds amazing

hi! where can I find the recording of the webinar?



when i try the link for the recording it says the page doesnt exist or is private…

by me also…

was anyone able to open this site? it seems like its blocked by me too.

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It worked for me.

That’s weird. For those that couldn’t open it because it said “the page doesn’t exist or is private” were u able to figure it out?

If it says its private its because you are not part of that group. Which course have you graduated from and we can give you access to the relevant webinar group accordingly.

i did the self placed graphics course…

self-paced motion graphics