Webflow review

I’ve been recommending Webflow as something people who dislike code and want to do everything themselves should look into. Sara Margolies has been using it, and here’s what she had to say:

My basic overall feelings about webflow is that every part is so much smoother and easier to use!

Webflow is very visual- you’re basically designing the actual site exactly how it’s going to look, and you can easily preview how it will look in a browser- simple toggle.

It’s very easy to make the design look exactly how you want, consistent, and responsive, and add transitions and interactions, all in the Designer.

The layouts flow really well and there are many native blocks for so many different types of things, all just there!

The setup is also in one place- not needing to switch between a bunch of screens to do each thing. Everything connects so easily and quickly, and each step is super clear- pretty much nothing is complicated.

You still need to know general web design concepts, so taking Design Alive’s web course definitely helped with the transition.

It took a few weeks to watch the Webflow tutorials and teach it to myself, but since I learned web and have a solid design background BH, the transition was pretty smooth. As with everything in the design field, the more experience you have the better you get. I learn more every time I go into it :slight_smile: It’s a lot of uncovering things and figuring out the system, but once you figure it out, you’re good to go!

Webflow also has a lot of free tutorials which are really simple and easy to learn from and their support is great as well. There is a forum, but I have not made use of it.

It’s very easy to copy and paste elements, whether in the same site or from one site to the next.

Webflow also has some great templates and parts of templates that you can “clone” and use as part of your site, already developed and formatted.

I’m always happy to answer questions if you or any students have any.

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Can anyone give me clarity on the e-commerce capabilities?
Can I have a form with payments?
If client wants a sales page on webflow - what are the options for purchasing?


@smargolies works with webflow

You can test it for free, btw!
I would use it for a form with payments but as of now I would not set up a product-based store on Webflow. Would definitely recommend Shopify over it.

They charge a lot to host a shopping site, I think they only work with stripe at the moment