Web design pricing guide


We never really received a pricing guide in web design.
We received a basic one at the end of the GD course, which is so helpful. Everyone is struggling with pricing…. Anything you can still send / share?

Would you be able to email me the one you got from GD? If I could see the structure, perhaps I and the other web teachers can put together something similar.


At long last, here you go! The web teachers collaborated to bring you this pricing sheet :slight_smile:

Link to pdf

AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Penina and all other teachers!

What is included in these prices? Thank you! @peninah_adler

Designing and building a website, basic features (eg. simple forms, gallery/slider, etc)

Thank you @peninah_adler .
How would you charge for additional features?
And what about maintenance?


Features have to be scoped independently, since they vary so much. You have to assess them carefully to ensure you and the client are both on the same page, you know what/how you’ll do it, etc (like we talked about in the last class).

I don’t offer maintenance plans, but I’ve seen ones that vary from $40/mo to $250 or more :slight_smile: It depends on what you’re offering! I think someone told me once she does a quarterly maintenance plan, which I imagine might be an easier sell in some situations.

I charge by the hour for maintenance. I find things are not necessarily consistent so it makes more sense that way. Or I’ll figure out about how long a certain type of job takes me on average, and I’ll charge for the job based on that.