Web Design Name

Hi everyone! I’m looking for a name for my business (logo), and I’m kind of stuck. Does anyone have suggestions of a cool catchy name for web design company?

It’s a hard one!
If you are really stuck you might want to reach out to copywrites who specialize in naming, or a brand strategist…

Unless anyone here has some good ideas, would be interesting to hear.

Does anyone know of any good branding strategics out there? I’m also looking for a good name…

Your business is web design or web developing?






How about SpiderWeb :slight_smile:

And for the logo you can make a website icon but instead of the regular lines inside somehow a spider web

you are awesome goldie! thanks!!!
my fav is Websight and Spider Wb

Sure thing!

My tip is to look for 2 names:
1 – descriptive
2 – studio/creative/design/web (etc - that type of thing)

Then match them up and see what domain is available :slight_smile:

Also, nothing wrong with your own name!

Thats a great method for those of us who find it hard to think of something!

It’s how I did mine (highlight creative) lol.
But I do think there’s nothing wrong with your name at first. You can always rebrand a year or two in.

Ultimately, I’m a big fan of whatever will get you done fastest :slight_smile: because it’s too easy to spend a ton of time on things like this, and honestly, it doesn’t matter as much as we think. Not to the extent that it’s worth spending significant time on it in the beginning, before getting actual experience and work. I think I read an article by Naomi Elbinger on that once.

Found the article Why it's Good to Give Your Brand a Stupid Name