Vendor business directory

I am creating a website for a client who has a list of vendors that they work with. I need to create a page that has categories and the vendors in that category that they work with… I just need to put basic contact info under each vendor… (Almost like categories with business cards for e/ vendor except I don’t actually have a business card… but that is the look I would like…
I started searching and there seem to be plugins that make vendor business directories (which I think is along the lines of what I need). Just getting kind of lost about which one would be best for me… Does anyone have experience with this?
I would love if it has option to customize the look- change background color etc…
Free plugin would be nice but if client needs to pay for premium I think they would…

Some further things to clarify— Do you need it to be dynamic (searching, filtering)? Does it need to be easily editable?
You really could build such a page in a static way, even. OR you could even consider using custom post types for this.

@chavirokach It doesn’t need to be filterable… but yes to easily editable… That is why I don’t want to just use regular text boxes… They want to be able to add/ remove vendors easily without messing anything else up…
I am imagining a portfolio type page (in terms of categories with items under each category) but no need for images

any other ideas how to accomplish this?

Does a blog make sense?

Don’t think so… I don’t need to write a lot of text about each one… just business card type info…

Still, a blog layout or custom post type as Chavi suggested would be an easy option to manage from the client’s perspective. All data is easily kept in one location, it’s not easy to mess up, and you can remove/reorder (if you add a plugin, there’s one called something like NSP Sort Order that allows drag & drop reordering of posts).

If you’re not comfortable with custom coding, you can probably use a blog layout and a theme that gives you some options for the archive page, like Blocksy. Then you can just remove the link (hide with CSS) to the full post.

Thanks e/o for your ideas…
I ended up finding a plugin called Business Directory which is perfect for my needs. It allows you to add categories and then businesses w/ the info under those categories… You can style etc… (There are a lot more features as well but I don’t need them…)
Just mentioning in case it helps a/o else… It’s a free plugin which is so far working really well for me.

Good for you!