Urgent help needed with website domain records


My client uses google domains.
He noticed yesterday that his site was down and it was because it wasn’t pointing to the right server.
I changed on google domains that it should point to Siteground.
Now his emails (that are linked to the domain) are messed up and his website is still down.

Can anyone advise!

For email, you’ll need to update the MX records.
It’s hard to say what’s up with the website without knowing more, but you can check with Siteground support and they can walk you through the process!

If a client has a special email setup then one should always update the A record (with the ip address of the new site) and NOT the nameserver. The nameserver changes all of the routing settings which messes up any custom email setup / database setup, etc.
(Lesson learned the hard way at one point!)

Yeah I changed the name servers - was a bad idea!!
But couldn’t find on Google domains where to change the A record.
Think SiteGround sorted it for now…
So website is back up and running
But now client gone awol so no way of knowing if his email working :slight_smile:
Thanks for your replies!

I had this issue with bluehost and google domain too. But did it recently with a cloudways hosting and a different domain and b"H all went smooth, but @peninah_adler can you clarify what needs to be done or not done next time I change ip nameserver?

Try this doc, it has a lot of information!

@peninah_adler I spoke to Siteground and they sorted the issue but now client is saying he can only receive emails and not send?
Any advice?

What kind of email? @ his domain? gmail? office365? etc

@his domain

Thank you!

@Tali how does he access it?

Hmm I’m not sure … Like which platform does he use for emails?

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