Uncategorized website

If a website I am in midst of developing is being blocked by filter due to being ‘uncategorized’… Does that just mean that seo is not fully set up and it will be resolved once I have Yoast SEO configured?
This is my 1st time this happened and I want to make sure once the site is live others won’t be blocked for the same reason…
Appreciate any insights…

I’m pretty sure once you get it categorized - then it gets it categorized for everyone, so should be fine.

how do you categorize a website?

With Techloq- when you asked for access for an uncategorized website, I’m pretty sure it then gets scanned and “categorized”.
Just saw this: Symantec Sitereview (Techloq uses Bluecoat categorization.)

What category and filtering service would I choose for my website? Webdesign

thanks for that info