Typing with nekudos

I just typed something up (pretty short) in indesign and thought it was “easy” to do the nekudos using the glyphs but when I click on a Nekuda, the letter that was there disappears - does anyone know what I am talking about and can help me?

lol I figured it out a few minutes after I posted my question :slight_smile:
the way to do it is to put the cursor after the letter you want to put the Nekuda on and then click from the glyphs…

You don’t have to use glyphs for nekudos - you can use alt and the numbers to insert nekudos - a lot more efficient


how do you know which nekudos go with which numbers? do you have a cheat sheet or something?
something like this? How to type Hebrew nikkodot - Vowels and diacritical marks (etz-hayim.com)

You could google it

You could download and print a Hebrew keyboard that shows which nekudos correspond to which numbers. Haven’t done in a while so can’t give exact directions