Type Research Assignment FAQs

If two people are assigned to the same designer, do they work together? No, you each work independently

What if my designer has multiple styles of work? Try to choose one style to focus on, and show five examples that demonstrate a consistent style.

Where can I find sample of my designer’s work? Best to do a Google image search for your designer, and look at samples there. If you have a filter preventing that, I can give you some specific websites

What kinds of characteristics should I write about? See if you can make generalization about the style your designer uses, the types of colors, the effects, and how he/she uses type…is it bold? elegant? hard to read? used as an image? layered? clear and simple? cut apart? collaged? Distorted? Strong? etc. You can also discuss the types of layout and compositions that he uses…are his layouts simple? abstract? busy? confusing? strong focal points? attention to formal design principles? detailed? Realistic? type only? mostly imagery? photography?