Two payment currency's

Hi. I am building an ecomerce website for a client. He has a different price for his products in Israel and America. What is the best way to integrate this into the woo-comerce site? Or is it best to create to separate websites?

What’s the differentiator - the currency? If you live in Israel but you’re paying in dollars, which pricing do you get?

I think the differentiator would be where the product is being shipped to. It is cheaper for the product to be made in israel therefore the israel price is cheaper…

So could it be a higher shipping rate, instead?

Doesn’t really make sense to do that since the prices will sound really cheap and all of a sudden jump up with shipping.

Would it make sense to make two separate websites? one for israel and one for america.

That’s usually a pain for the store owner to deal with…
I’ve never done this, but I’ve visited sites where you choose a country before you browse. You could look into that. Or a low-budget client might stick with the shipping rates and put a notice on the website, or a note on the products themselves.

ok i’m thinking of making the country an attribute. Then there will be a drop down by each product to choose your country the same way you choose your size and material.

Then I will set the price manually for the each variable.

Also I will make an option in the header to choose your preferred currency.

Does that make sense?

Maybe…it’s a creative solution, for sure. It’s not ideal because it will feel off to the user to have to pick each time they check a product. Plus it will mean doubling the number of variants, which gets cumbersome if you have a few others.