Tu B'Shvat CONTEST ;-))))!

!!!:cherries: :pineapple: :apple: :pear: :banana:WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU GOT :grapes: :melon: :watermelon: :peach:!!!

!!!:+1: :smiley:GOOD LUCK :+1: :smiley:!!!

So much fun!!!
Is there a time limit for this contest, too? (Pleeease? :wink: )

Such a cute idea!!
@Chani_Wolpin - it sounds like you can make your own time limit…
My question is - Do we need to put the pattern on a mockup? (fabric, wrapping paper…etc.)
or just submit our one pattern?

We will allow a 45 MIN -1 HOUR time limit!!
Good luck!!!

Everyone should put the pattern on at least one mock up as well as showing it flat…
SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT :wink: :wink:!!!