Tu B'shvat Challenge! 🍎

:boom:The Tu B’shvat Challenge is on!! :boom:

Att: All Designers!!

For this Challenge, each course gets a different design to create!
1 Winner per course! :trophy:

This is a Tu B’shvat Challenge, so watch out! The challenges are nutty, refreshing and berry fun!!

:pear: :pear:Interior Designers
This is where you shine! Your Challenge is to create a room of PAIRS. It must have a double element to it… so double up the creativity and get designing;)

:apple:Graphic Designers
You are the Apple of the eye for business companies! Your Challenge is to create a fruit logo and fruit stationary for a company! Make sure it’s clean and a-peeling!!

:grapes:Motion Grapics
How to Grapple this one? Your Challenge is to design a Grape motion animated fruit character!! Squeeze out those skills, because-wine not?

:cherries:Web Designers
The cherry on top! Your Challenge is to make a web landing page for a fruit shop! Mouth wateringly tempting… your fruit company is a seller!

:tangerine:Digital Illustrators
Takes two to tango… Your Challenge is to create a Fruit Comic! Berry funny and full of zest … time to roll out your ‘pencils’!

We can’t wate to see what you come up with, and how you will incorkporate fruit Intwo your design-licious creations!

So have fun and get ready to go bananas!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

The expiry date for this Challenge is Tu B’shvat!
Hatzlocha! :blush:

WINNERS receive an Amazon Voucher

So exciting! What about digital illustrators?

Yes I was wondering that too!


Yay! So exciting!
I love how the challenge was worded with all the puns :wink: