Trouble Exporting in Premiere

I am having the strangest issue in Premiere. I just made a video, (one of my first actually) and I rendered it and exported it, but it’s very choppy and it keeps jumping back and forth to previous pictures.
This didn’t happen when I played it in Premiere. I exported it as H.264 format.

Did this ever happen to anyone else, or does anyone know if and where I went wrong?

Oh my that sounds so weird!
Did you try exporting it through Media Encoder?

There has been issues with the latest version.
Export it a few times and see if its better
Or export it as an AVI or MOV and thenrerender it through encoder to be a mp4

I tried exporting it as an AVI and it works to play it, but I think that maybe it’s a drop unclear. Is that why it’s better to be un mp4 format?
I also don’t see the mp4 format option in media encoder.

I actually figured out that H.264 is mp4 and I rendered it in media encoder to be mp4 format, but the pictures are still not as clear as they were when I exported it straight from Premiere, even though it jumped around.
Why is the video still unclear?

Can you upload a screenshot of your render settings in premiere

Is this it?

Have a look in Premier if there is a red line on top of your timeline, it should ideally be green or yellow. if its red press the enter key to render it through, then try exporting again through media encoder, check that you are exporting at high bitrate to get best quality.

I made sure to render it before I exported it and it’s basically all green except for one spot that’s staying yellow.
I’m also pretty sure I did it as high bitrate. I wanted to use the video for a party today, so I guess I’ll have to use show it a bit unclear. You can still see the pictures and clips, but it’s a shame because it was so much nicer when I played it in premiere.

So weird, wish I could help u more!!

Yeah, thanks!

Worst is, I could show it in the actual program after (I’ll make the program panel full screen) because it’s just for friends, but I want to figure out what went wrong for the future.

did you try resaving it under a different name and rendering it again?

Yes. I tried rendering it again and I saved it as an AVI rendered it in media encoder as H.264 and it saved under a different name.

If it is unclear it might be your sequence setting. Is it 720? I have found that the video is clearer when I choose a sequence setting of 1080.

I am not sure what the best way is to change the sequence setting, the way I have done it is by creating a new sequence and then bringing in the sequence of the video from the project panel and scaling it up.

How do I check the sequence settings on the video?

When I try to make a new sequence, it looks like the automatic setting is 1080.

Hi everyone,
I just tried exporting the whole thing again like regular in Premiere as an H.264/MP4 and it works just fine now and it’s really clear!

I’m not sure what happened, but thanks everyone for your help!