Transferring/ sending heavy files

When working with heavy files, what’s the best way to send them to a client?
Up until now I used google drive, but recently I heard about Dropbox, Wetransfer, Filemail… there are lots of options!
Curious if there’s any major difference between them all? Or what is recommended for a desktop?

I use wetransfer… I like that it doesn’t take up space like google drive or dropbox does

you can also lower video file sizes without reducing quality using handbrake
I’ll try to go through it on the designergy this week
– even after handbrake you will still need to upload it somewhere to send to the client as it will still be above email limit most of the time!
For ongoing clients I use dropbox as I give them access to the folder and can just upload it there and they can download it when they are ready, once off clients, can easily send through just keep in mind with wetransfer its not saved past a week

with Dropbox, are the files saved there? I would also like to store my files in a safe spot!

Yes, but you may need a paid version, I pay a monthly subscription to dropbox and have storage there, I actually don’t have my files synced to there as I have backblaze on my computer which automatically backs up all my files on cloud.

Another question:
is there a difference between google drive and dropbox?

I find that dropbox uploads MUCH faster

do you ever have an issue with the quality of the video? someone told me she finds it loses the quality and looks pixelated…