The Last minute is now.... NOW


If you’re waiting for the last minute to enroll in the copywriting mini-course…it’s the last minute now :timer_clock:.

The last-minute to get your eyeballs on a crazy amount of cool tips, tricks and consumer-psychology hacks that will help you with every marketing asset you design.

We don’t know when we’ll offer this course again, so don’t take chances.

:point_right: Register

The course starts soon!

Meet you later!
Zippy and Chani

P.S. DA Grads use the coupon code ‘dagradcopy’ to get $25 discount.

P.P.S Course starts tomorrow Sunday at 9pm IL / 2pm EST / 7pm UK.

Will the classes be recorded?


The first class was fantastic! Chani Pollins was very clear and methodical. She covered some very important concepts of marketing.

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I wish I had time to take this course :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s just 3 hours! And I have to say it’s really amazing!

Its just 3 hours in total. Or 3 hours each class?

approx 3 hours in total- 1 hr per class

It’s only 3 classes?