Technical help 2022

My layer panel is not opening up when I double click on the footage in the comp panel.
Any suggestions?

Thank you so much!

Can you send a screenshot of which layer you are trying to open? Shape and Text layers wont open in the Layers panel even if you double click

I’m having a different issue.
i keep on getting this box come up… not sure exactly what it means. i deleted my cache and all still coming… its really frustrating!

any advice???
Thank you so much!!!

This is a screenshot. I would like to paint in the layer panel. When I tried working on something else a layer panel opened after I double clicked but this doesn’t. Also I think it wasn’t working after I installed the Saber effect…

the saber effect wouldnt have anything to do with it
Please send me your aep file with the ai file and i’ll take a look

Take off the collapse transformation (sun symbol) on the layer to be able to get to the ;ayers panel