Taking payment on a form

I’m making a simple site that has a form where people fill out their details and pay.

How do I add payment and options for prices on a form and then it will automatically charge - I think we learnt it when we did images by Kayla.
(Eg they tick which option they prefer and the computer knows how much to charge them )

I don’t want to do a Shopify site with a basket .

Also I keep thinking someone is gonna hack in and out their own bank details there instead an steal everyone’s money. Is SSL enough?

Any ideas?

I don’t think it’s legal to set up a form to collect payments even if you have an ssl. It’s need to be a secure payment form.

I often used jotform.com. The free plan included 10 payment submissions per month. Excluding any charges from the payment processor.

I’m not sure if Gravity Forms would help you? But you can use their products and pricing functionality: https://www.gravityforms.com/form-templates/ecommerce-form/
And it can integrate with Stripe / Paypal.

A lot of forms have an integration with paypal or stripe.
You can use forminator

sounds complicated. an re security, how do i get extra security?