Tablet recommendation

I am looking to buy a tablet that will be used for client consultations, sketching, taking pics etc. Any recommendations??

I am not so familiar with tablets per se. However, I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro that I absolutely love. It is powerful enough to run all of my programs (autocad, revit, adobe suite and microsoft office suite) but is super light and splits into 2 pieces. It takes photos, does measures with an app and is so much lighter than a laptop. I take it with me whenever I travel and am able to conduct all of my work.- obviously the screen is smaller than a laptop or desktop, but it does the trick when I need something light and portable. The best place to purchase is Costco, because it is usually offered in a bundle that includes a keyboard, and the pen and is usually a few hundred dollars less than it is on the Microsoft website. You need to watch for offers.

I also have an ipad pro that works for most things and would be simple enough for sketching and taking pics. Ipads are great for running apps, but cannot run full programs. You can also purchase an ipad that has built in wifi through your cellular plan so that wifi is always available when you are on job sites etc.

Hope this was helpful.

I’m gonna add-make sure the camera is a good one if you’re taking final pictures from it…
The one i bought is… ok, but i wouldn’t use it for final pictures which is a pity :smirk: